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Go to the most vibing venues

With our live map of over 350 Sydney bars, pubs and clubs, Bardar helps you find pumping venues anytime, anywhere.

Check to see if a place is going off now and get forecasts for the whole night.

Go to the most vibing venues
Upcoming Events

Find the best events

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for drag or DJs, we’ve got you covered.

Every event at every Sydney venue, visible in the app as soon as tickets become available.

Save your Favourites

Save your favourite venues in the app so you can easily check what’s happening without searching or using the map.

Less effort, more going out.

Finding venues on Bardar app on iPhone
Venue Reports


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Live Reports

Avoid Night-Ruiners

Report long lines, fights, aggressive seccies and sniffer dogs through Bardar for other users to see.

Use the reports others to avoid these fun-killers.

It should be Easy to have a great Night out.
It should be Easy to have a great Night out.
But too often dead venues, long lines, aggressive seccies
 or terrible music kill a night before it even gets going. Bardar is a Sydney nightlife app created by two uni mates who were tired of this happening. We designed Bardar to help ourselves and our friends make the 
most of every night out. If it can help you do the same, we think that’s pretty sick.